Paddle leisurely across the lake, with enough time for a break or lunch stop:

This is exactly what Click&Paddle is for, the only rental system with low rental prices, even for long rental periods. This applies in particular to the multiple usage cards, with which you can get on the water as of €3.30/h. 

This makes Click&Paddle a real alternative to owning a kayak or SUP.

And that’s exactly the alternative we want to offer.

Because purchased kayaks and SUPs spend most of their time unused in the basement and eventually end up in a landfill.

This is not sustainable.

Efficient sharing is much better:

  • cheaper than owning, even when used frequently
  • more practical, as storage and transport are no longer necessary
  • better for the environment because much less material has to be produced.

And the Click&Paddle concept has even more advantages:

  • setting up a kayak or SUP is significantly faster than the usual pumping
  • the pick-up box is also a practical locker on the shore for everything that shouldn’t go on the water. Arriving by bike or public transport thus becomes possible.

And because we are primarily concerned with environmental protection, our kayaks and SUPs are also PVC-free and can be completely recycled after a long life. The kayaks are already made from 100% recycled material.

We hope that through our sharing offer, fewer inflatable kayaks and SUPs will be bought for personal use. Note that inflatable kayaks and SUPs are always made of PVC, a material that is toxic and can never be properly recycled.

Our Story

We first tried out the concept of sharing kayaks in the summer of 2021 at Lake Faak, under the name kayak2go. At the beginning of this pilot project, we had many unanswered questions:

  • How is the concept accepted?
  • How easy is it to fold the kayak if you’ve never done it before?
  • How smoothly does the automated rental work? 
  • Are kayaks and accessories returned complete, clean and tidy? 

We are very happy about the positive feedback and the great experiences from the first season – many thanks to our early users! 

In the season 2022, this feedback was enforced by hundreds of new users. 

We are thus looking forward to a great season 2023, and we ask that you continue to use the kayaks and SUPs responsibly.

Have fun on the water and please spread the word!